Specialist Profile Advice

Specialist Profile Advice

Successful online matchmaking or matrimony relies on your personal profile giving a memorable first impression.
Let people quickly and easily get a true sense of who you are by providing information about yourself and by uploading a couple of your profile pictures. Please remember profile is something like your advertisement online therefore been an attractive individual would be an advantage.
Your online profile is there to help those you're matched with find out who you genuinely are. You can update and change it at any time and all profiles are personally verified by our customer service team. 13 steps to the perfect online matchmaking profile

After taking the plunge into the online matchmaking pool, that all important first step of actually writing a matchmaking profile can seem daunting. “Where do I even start?” I hear you ask. Well, the first thing to remember is not to overthink it. Think about introducing yourself in your online matchmaking profile in the same way that you would if you were meeting someone for the first time in a bar… But with extra opportunities! Remember, this is your first chance to make a good impression.

Your online profile is there to help those you're matched with find out who you genuinely are. You can update and change it at any time and all profiles are personally verified by our customer service team.

1. Keep it simple.

Keep your profile text simple and don’t give too much away; in the early stages of introduction, daters are simply looking for common ground. Start off by going into a little detail about yourself. Are you single, divorced, widowed? What do you do for a living? What do you like to do in your spare time? Lay the foundations for those introductory conversations and first dates where you can get down to the nitty gritty.

2. Make sure your profile unique to you.

Your profile needs to stand out from the crowd, so let your personality shine through. A touch of humour goes a long way, so make a joke, add in a witty remark or point out your favourite blog or TV show. It’s a conversation starter and shows you as the interesting person you really are!

3. Remember to spell check and grammar.

Whilst your online matchmaking profile is not the place for formalities and ‘kind regards’, a study from OKCupid showed that bad spelling and grammar are a major turn off. Adopt a chatty, friendly tone and write in a similar style to the way that you would speak to someone you’d just met. But, always, always, remember to spell check.

4. Let everyone knows what you’re looking for from online matchmaking.

Let other members know who you want to meet on the site. Are there any specific requirements that you’re looking, or not looking, for? It’s a good idea to politely identify whether you want to meet people within a particular age range, or with certain habits (non-smoking, for example). That way, you’ll avoid any awkward “thanks, but no thanks” messages later down the line.

5. Don’t write your life story.

Don’t make things harder for yourself by attempting to write everything that you can possibly think of about yourself in one go. Keep it short and sweet. Too much information can be overwhelming; the idea is to leave them wanting more. A few hints about your personality and interests should be enough to pique interest and entice other members to strike up a conversation with you.

6. Be positive

An upbeat attitude is essential if you want to win people over, so sit down to write your profile when you are in a positive frame of mind. Be interesting, distinguish yourself, and express your personality as much as you can. The self-descriptive parts of an online matchmaking profile influence attractiveness much more than the fixed-choice questions, so ensure you take advantage of them. These clues to your personality are, alongside your picture, the main motivation for a potential partner to contact you. Introduce your personal qualities as strengths so that you are remembered positively.

7. Be exciting.

Excitement is what you want a man feeling when he’s done reading what you’ve written. You want him to push that email button as fast as he can to contact and meet you.

When determining what you want to put in your profile, you need to first know what your best qualities are. There’s nothing sexier to a man than your confidence. When you feel good about yourself, you will become a male magnet.

8. Be inspired.

Come up with ideas or small stories that paint a picture of the two of you that a man can imagine himself in. You want to use a scene like this to capture the interest of a man. He won’t see the scene exactly like you do, but he is capable of visualizing the story you’ve created with him in it. And if he does, you’ve hooked him. If he can picture himself in your story, more than likely he will write to you.

Make your profile flirty. He doesn’t need to know everything about you in this first introduction.

9. The less “I’s” healthier.

Think about it. When you go to a party and you meet someone who keeps saying, “I do this, I like that, I am this,” don’t you get bored? You might get stuck with that person for a long time unless someone rescues you.
Online, you have fewer than 10 seconds to get his attention before he moves on. Make them count! Try making your profile title catchy, using activities you’re involved with to create your online name. They can be kind of silly, but that’s okay. Your goal is to get a man’s attention quickly. Between your smile, a great picture and a goofy or clever name, you’ve got a chance to stand out from everyone else and be noticed.

10. Don’t include these common faux pas.

I want you to know that in my 40s, I made some of the dumbest mistakes when it came to profiles. I wrote things about making love on a beach with my soul mate. What in the world was I thinking? It sounded romantic to me. Leave sex out of your profile. It gives men the wrong impression and encourages those you probably aren’t interested in to write to you.
Leave out the words, “I’m looking for my soul mate” from your profile. Men have told me they see it in every woman’s profile. Your goal is to look unique; not the same as everyone else.

11. Don’t boast and make demands.

Particularly, don’t brag about your out of this world looks. Men see what you look like but if you tell them in a bragging way, they’ll think you’re stuck up and move on.
Try not to make demands in your profile about salaries and how you’d like to be entertained at the most expensive restaurants in your area. Even guys with money don’t want a woman telling them where to go and what to do.
They’ve had enough demands in their life including those put on them by ex-wives and families. They’re not looking for a repeat of what they just left.

12. Be true to who you are

Otherwise it’s like false advertising, which is hard to keep up. Don’t try and pretend to be a certain way just to attract a Quality Man, when in reality, you are not that woman.
You have no control over who he ultimately wants or is looking for. You only have control over what you want in a Quality Man.
In fact, you do yourself a disservice pretending to be who you think a man wants. It actually sets you up for the wrong type of man to come into your life. Plus, it starts the relationship off in a false way. Be your authentic self and convey that in your profile.

13. Try to end with a hook.

End your profile with a sentence that asks a man to show you he is interested. For example, “If romance and passion appeal to you like they do to me, let me know.” In other words, if he likes what you like, let you know by writing back.

10 tips for men, how to take better profile photos for online matchmaking

Online matchmaking with marraoge.lk is about meeting someone with whom you are truly compatible. However, getting to that stage requires more than just good fortune. Indeed, to really make the most of your online experience, it is vital to know how to best put together a matchmaking profile. Photos are one of the biggest parts of this equation – so we have created a master-class in how to take the best profile pictures.

Why profile pictures are so important

The only thing worse than a bad profile picture is no photo at all. Sound strange? It’s true. If you opt to skip the personal photos in your profile, you automatically alienate more than half of your potential audience.

Having profile pictures is an essential step for two reasons. Firstly, ‘’whether we care to admit it or not, the first thing that we look at is appearance.’’ Your Profile picture is a main part of your profile that most catches their attention when they’re looking online.

The second reason profile pictures count for so much is that they are a really valuable way to back up the impression you have created in the written part of your profile. ‘’it’s important to make sure your profile picture says the right things about you. If your profile says you enjoy quiet nights in watching a movie, and your profile picture was taken on a rare wild night out or at a friend’s hen do then it’s not going to help your search!’’ Having photos that show the true you, however – now there’s an extra way to catch the eye of someone truly like-minded. So, it's clear that photos are extremely important – but what's the best way to maximise your chances of photographic success?

In fact, the most attractive men can be at a disadvantage in online matchmaking. Women prefer to message guys of “average” good looks more often than they do the “most attractive” men, says OKCupid’s study “Your Looks and Your Inbox.”

If you’re a normal guy, you’re ahead of the competition.

Then why do so many guys post selfies shirtless gym pictures, and professionally photographed headshots? They’re trying too hard – and it shows. The woman you’re looking for doesn’t care about that stuff.

What does increase your odds of meeting more women in person is when your pictures show your hobbies, your sense of humour, your full life, pets, and interests. More than any selfie, these profile pictures show women how you’re unique and interesting. They tell us that we have things in common with you, lots to talk about, and that it looks like fun to hang out with you.

1) Focus on what’s important

The single most important thing in a portrait picture is that the focus should be on the eyes. If your eyes are in perfect sharp focus the overall photo will look good.’

2). You being proactive / doing something you interesting the most.

Smart guys make their pictures work double-time: showing their appearance and their interests. This mean “doing something interesting” instead of “drinking” (a standard stand-by photo).
Why this works: You’re showing others how you lead a full, engaging life – and that you potentially share some common interests. When your pictures create topics of conversation, your match won’t have to think hard about how to respond to your message. If you don’t have photos of you doing something you enjoy, get some! have a friend take a couple pictures?

3) Not alone, Be with your friends.

When your profile pictures are all selfies, your match assume you are a massive narcissist – or worse, that you don’t have any friends. One or two photos of you with friends, looking happy and natural, are way better than a profile full of boring, posed selfies, with no friends or interests. Why this works: Others want to know that you are a capable of having healthy relationships – and that you don’t care only about himself. When a few photos show your cycling team, volunteer group, or others who clearly enjoy spending time with you, others can feel fairly confident you’re not a sociopath.
If you haven’t checked out the photos tagged of you on Facebook lately, take a look again. Your goal isn’t to look perfect in every one. The goal is to prove you’re a normal, happy person with friends who enjoy your company.
One note: try to keep big group pictures to a minimum. Group shots make it difficult for others to spot you; A photo of you and one or two friends is ideal.

4) Be with your family.

This works like a powered-up version of photos with friends. At the next holiday, grab your brother, a couple cousins, or your grandfather. Have someone take the photo close-up, so you’re easily recognizable, and put your arm around Grandfather.
Why this works: people love family pictures because we instantly assume you’re close with your family, a caring son, a good brother, and a sweet grandson. Basically, that you’re one of the good person. Good person make good partner.
A photo of you with your adorable niece, nephew, or friend’s kid is also great subliminal messaging. It implies you’re good with kids and therefore would be a great father.

5) You with your pets.

Pictures with animals are even better for getting your match to meet in person than your photos of “doing something interesting.” So round up the nearest dog, cat, or baby elephant and let the magic happen.
Why this works: People who are kind to animals are kind, no question about it. You give off a vibe that’s caring, gentle, responsible.

6) Show your full body shot.

This is an online matchmaking best practice because it’s common decency. People want to know what you actually look like. You get nervous when all of a someone’s photos are cropped right below and You know someone is hiding something.
Unless you want your match to be suspicious of you, post at least one photo showing your full body.
Why this works: People want to know you’re an honest, genuine person.

7) Have your flattering pictures.

Majority of matchmakers post deliberately unflattering photos, looking super drunk, making ugly faces, whatever. It’s okay if you’ve got a goofy snorkelling photo or a picture of you on Halloween as a hunchback. You should show your interests and personality. Just don’t let those less flattering photos outnumber the ones that prove you’re not the right person they looking for.

8) Show happiness.

Happiness is attractive! Show your match that you like to be happy. We want to know what you look like when you’re having a great time – so we can imagine how fun it’ll be right there next to you.

9) Are accurate / recent.

Most men choose photos that make them seem “better looking” in some way. They might hide their beer gut, crooked teeth, or bald spot. Do not chooses deceptive profile pictures, and then meets a date in person, your match will see that you lied.

10) Background of the picture

There’s just one last step to better profile photos – the lighting. The way a photo is lit can make or break the final shot. The temptation to take a snap with a camera phone now is almost overwhelming, but good as they are, and with all the intelligent features they have, if the lighting is bad, they will come out grainy, and poorly exposed.’’

Instead, the best thing to do is ‘’get outside, open the curtains and try to use natural light when you can. Flashes can be harsh if not controlled properly so if you are taking the profile picture yourself or with a friend, try to avoid flash and compensate with natural light.’’

Positioning is important too, don’t take your profile photo outside with the sun shining straight into your eyes. Have the sun behind, or to the side – the result will be much better.