Code of online ethics

Code of online ethics

This is a general guideline of our Netiquette policy.

How we expect your behaviour on the internet?

Majority of us are naturally good manners and common courtesy are second nature which we generally need no special thought.

In our everyday life, we may meet someone who is less than polite or sometimes maybe even rude. Sadly, the online dating world is no different. Sometimes privacy does not go well with some people at all. Those who does not recognise other’s privacy, it is very difficult for them to realise that dating is a very personal matter and should be treated with respect.

We all have differing concepts of what we expect from matchmaking online dating therefore have come up with a set of general guidelines of netiquette policy in order to protect your privacy while dating online which feels you more comfortable of your security.

Objectionable content

It is an offence and prohibited to use violent, racist, politically extremist, sexist, vulgar or otherwise objectionable content that injures, offends, harms, or threatens other individuals or groups via this website. We will terminate such account with immediate effect.

1. Privacy

All texts and messages within the site should be treated as private and confidential. It is an offence to disclose any details of other users without their express, written permission. Sharing or distribution of personal information on other users with third parties such as blogs, videos or interviews is forbidden.

2. User name and password

We recommend you that at the time of initial registering with you must always use your first name. This is mainly because, that other members can send you a personalised message.

We do not register usernames or profiles with contain profanity, offensive statements or concepts that are contrary to the law. We do not register the users who registering with multiple accounts.

We always advice our users to have your password secure at all times. Personal Description and Profile photos.

We advise you to have a realistic impression of themselves when creating their profiles. We do not register the profiles and messages which contain deceitful or unrealistic image which misled other users.

We highly recommend that the best policy is the honesty, especially when it comes to online dating. Profiles which contain false information about a user’s identity will be removed without warning.

There is an option to upload a photo of yourself in your profile page and it is very important that the profile picture must show yourself and it must be clear who you are.

We will remove following type of pictures/images with immediate effect;

Nude or pornographic,
A physical or sexual violence,
Racist or intentionally offensive logos
Advertising images.

3. Written manner and messaging other members

In general treat others as you would expect to be treated. Anonymity can adversely affect some people.

When communicating over the internet, please do remember that your recipient is also human. It is all too easy to lash out and hurt the feelings of other users by being rude or curt. If you encounter a situation which angers you, avoid escalating the situation further. In such scenarios, we advise our users to cease contact and report the user if necessary.

It is forbidden to use vulgar or offensive words when messaging a partner.

However, we would like to advice that the style of writing you use to communicate with them is crucial and also reveals a lot about who you are. Think about the impression your words leave. Being aware of the following points will help you get more positive responses from other members:

a. Avoid using “mass messaging”. Take the time to write an individual email to your partner matches.
b. Spell check all messages and avoid over using smiley’s, exclamations and CAPITAL LETTERS.

4. How to avoid misunderstandings

A joke made in good faith may cause offense if it is not immediately apparent.

The English language lacks specific punctuation for denoting sarcasm or humour. Think twice how your comments can be interpreted specially when making jokes or using sarcasm.

Remember that the receiver of your message cannot see your gestures or facial expressions.

5. Rejecting matches and being rejected

A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.

When you are not interested in having further communicating with another user it is ideal to send a short, polite message in a timely manner.

This is considered courteous in the world of online dating and avoids a build of resentment where the other user is waiting in vain for a reply which will never come.

However, if you being rejected, please respect the other user’s decision. Do not aggravate the situation by sending further messages.

6. Sex

There is no polite way to put this, but please note that requesting sex is strictly prohibited. is a matrimony and online matchmaking website. There are many alternatives available on the internet if you are looking for services of this nature. Requests for sex via web-cam, phone or chat also fall under this prohibited category. If we receive any complaints regarding this issue, we will terminate the user account with immediate effect.

7. Reporting abusive users.

All profiles on must be manually approved by our customer care team of Pvt Ltd.

We have automated processes in place to eliminate spam, intrusive users and fake profiles.

However, in common practice, it is possible that inappropriate content is not discovered immediately.

We appreciate your help in maintaining the quality of the site by utilizing the “report” button to flag content which does not adhere to our guidelines. Abuse of the “report” button will also lead to your account being blocked.

8. Consequences for violations of the above policy:

All content generated by members is checked and, if necessary, violations of the guidelines or terms and conditions will be punished accordingly. A warning shall be issued and at the discretion of the operator, may results in immediate deletion of the profile and in some instances to further legal action.

9. Safety Advice

Online matchmaking or Dating is fun however in order to ensure your safety we encourage you to follow above mentioned policies as a golden rule to help you get the most out of your journey to find a perfect partner in your life.

Never give money. If someone you are communicating with on asks you for money or your bank details they are likely to be a scammer.

If you have experienced monetary fraud online, report it to us immediately or to nearest police station in your area.

Wait until you know someone a little better before you share your contact details. If someone asks for your number straight away, politely decline.

10. Personal Information

Do not share your intimate personal information too quickly. Many users have a tendency to share confidential personal details in order to develop a relationship further. Prior to doing this, it is always worthwhile to stop and ask yourself whether will you be very open and candid if you were sitting across from this person on a bus or a train.